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How to Make Money in Phasmophobia

There are three main ways to form money in Phasmophobia – taking photos of varied Ghost activities, completing optional objectives, and utilizing Insurance. While you begin with only a touch little bit of money and a few starter equipments, you’ll quickly start earning cash which will allow you to get more advanced equipment to become the simplest Ghost hunter there ever was.

It’s also important to notice that your monetary rewards are going to be greater counting on what difficulty you select and whether or not you survive.

Taking Photos of Ghost Activity

By employing a Photo Camera, players can take pictures during their Ghost hunts. If an image is taken of Ghost Activity, it’ll earn the player $10 if they survive and $5 if they’re killed by the Ghost. Each camera can hold 5 photos, so confirm to bring multiple cameras if you would like to rack up some money.

Also, you’ll check your taken photos in your journal, and if there’s a touch of text next to a pictureyou’ll know you successfully took a photograph that will earn your cash.

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Here are all the various sorts of photos which will earn you money in Phasmophobia:

The Ghost

Figuring out what Ghost Type is haunting a location is that the main objective in Phasmophobia, however, you’ll make some extra cash if you happen to require an image of it or its shadow. If you actually want to urge it mad, make certain to mention its name.

Dead Body

Unfortunately, Ghost hunting has its risks. one of these risks is that your friends are often killed by the Ghost. However, you’ll still turn that sad event into a profitable one by taking an image of a body. We’re sure they’d understand.

Dirty Water in Sink

Ghosts make all types of weird things happen once they are around, and one among them is to fill a sink with dirty water. As you’re exploring a location, make certain to see every sink for a few dirty drinks of water, as an image of it’ll earn you additional money.

Ghost Interactions

As a Ghost becomes more upset, it’ll start turning lights on and off, shutting and opening doors, making a phone ring, playing the piano, and far more. Take an image of any weird activity you witness in your hunt, and you’ll get rewarded with bonus money.

Completing Optional Objectives
When you start a match in Phasmophobia, it’s always best to seem at the whiteboard within the truck, because it will offer you very helpful information about the Ghost that’s haunting this particular location. Furthermore, it’ll tell you of 4 optional objectives you’ll complete to earn extra cash. the primary objective is usually identifying Ghosts, and therefore the next three are randomly selected.

Other optional objectives include:

Have a member of your team witness a Ghost Event
Capture a photograph of the Ghost
Detect a Ghosts presence with a motion sensor
Find evidence of the paranormal with an EMF Reader
Cleanse the world near the Ghost using Smudge Sticks
Capture a photograph of Dirty Water during a sink
Detect an area below 10 Celsius with a Thermometer
Prevent the Ghost from hunting with a Crucifix

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