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Best Low Stress Jobs for Work-Life Balance

Overview of low-stress jobs For many folks, earning a living means working long hours and enduring stressful days to make ends meet. Nevertheless, some lucky folks actually enjoy the work of theirs, and that’s what most of us aspire to. Thankfully, you will find several low-stress jobs which make folks happy, earn a great living, and lead a trouble-free life. Here, we provide a complete list of jobs that will not stress you while giving a good income.

Common low-stress jobs to live a fulfilled life. The following is actually a list of thirty low-stress jobs which will help you make a living without sacrificing peace of your mind.

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Average base pay: $97,776/yr

A typical 9 5 job for statistics and math gurus, actuaries, perform high-level calculations to assess risk for insurance companies. You can also find actuaries in other companies and financial institutions just where they help cut running costs. Check here for actuary jobs.

Average base pay: $93,134/yr

Astronomers typically work in offices and research labs, though they might also do light fieldwork a couple of times in a season. The work is actually slow-paced, predictable, as well as offers a high level of job satisfaction. Check here for astronomer jobs.

Average base pay: $21,859/yr

As a baker, you can work in other establishments, restaurants, hotels, confectioneries, and bakeries in the food and hospitality industry. You can also bake and sell the goods of yours from home. Bakers produce baked goods using other equipment, mixers, ovens, and measured ingredients. Check here for baker jobs.

Art director
Average base pay: $70,000/yr

Art directors create, develop, and execute the concept, layout, and design of visual content. They also manage budgets and projects and present finished work, like sites and magazines, to businesses and customers. Check here for art director jobs.

Average base pay: $97,811/yr

Economists can work in a broad range of fields, including research institutions, government agencies, banks, and universities. They conduct different research types, develop, test, and validate theories, and formulate policies. Check here for economist jobs.

Average base pay: $64,842/yr

As a geoscientist, the work of yours is going to involve low-stress activities like conducting research in the lab or perhaps gathering data in the industry. Geoscientists study the earth’s composition and structure to understand its physical characteristics. Check here for geoscientist jobs.

Biomedical engineer
Average base pay: $65,779/yr

Biomedical engineers play a crucial role in the healthcare industry. They design biomedical devices such as analysis equipment, prosthetics, and artificial organs. They also install, maintain, and repair equipment. Check here for biomedical engineer jobs.

Average base pay: $76,884/yr

Statisticians collect, sort, and analyze data to aid decision-making and policy formulation. They could work in nearly every industry, such as agriculture, the military, academia, research, tech, banks, and government. Check here for statistician jobs.

Dental hygienist
Average base pay: $62,027/yr

Dental hygienists examine patients’ gums and teeth, record, update and manage health histories, and clean apparatus and equipment in the dental clinic. They also educate patients on proper dental hygiene, assist the dentist during procedures, and take x rays. Check here for dental hygienist jobs.

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