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Preserved Flowers Don’t Need Water

The preservation process involves organic ingredients which are non-toxic to both humans and pets. Glycerin, the key component of the preservation process, is even used as an ingredient in food to preserve moisture, as well as in creams for sensitive, dry skin. It helps bond water inside organic tissue and prevents evaporation.

That means you’ll never need to water your preserved flowers! They simply don’t need it, so it’s best to keep them away from water and high humidity to prolong their life. Click here to learn more about  eternity rose

Preserved Flowers Are Long-Lasting

As mentioned, preserved flowers can last for 12+ months with proper care. To truly put that into perspective, that means they will last up to 50 times longer than ordinary flowers. If they are given as a gift for a birthday, anniversary, or yearly holiday, they will last until the next one or longer! This can turn flowers from a thoughtful gift into a lasting memento that will continue to bring joy for months to come.

For this reason, preserved flowers are much better suited as decorations, instead of ordinary flowers that wither quickly, or synthetic flowers which simply never feel real enough. Their long shelf life also opens the door for other conveniences, namely economical and practical ones.

Preserved Flowers Are Economical

It goes without saying that they will outlast ordinary flowers by far, but they also stay economical for multiple reasons. Especially to someone who can’t imagine their day without flower décor around them. Since they don’t need constant replacements, they make a great gift for a frugal person who appreciates flowers, but is hesitant to invest in fresh-cut flowers on a regular basis.

If used for decoration, they are more affordable to maintain and replace than ordinary withering flowers. Imagine what a change they can bring to a workplace or office that appreciates flower décor and we are only getting started with their convenience.

Preserved Flowers Are Practical

It’s a shame when beautiful flowers are wasted and thrown away. The great thing about preserved flowers is that, once you purchase them, the clock isn’t ticking. There’s plenty of time to place them in an ideal spot, show them to someone, or present them as a unique gift.

A party or date can get canceled, but they can still be gifted weeks later. A busy person who never had time to deal with ordinary flowers can enjoy them fully on their own terms. They can be left alone for prolonged periods of time and look exactly like when they were left. The biggest advantage they bring is time.

Preserved Flowers Are Eco-Friendly

It’s worth mentioning how big of a green impact they can make. They leave no reason to be concerned for the environment. In fact, they help alleviate some of its problems. We mentioned how they can outlast ordinary flowers 50 times over. Consequently, the resources required for a person to own them, compared to replacing ordinary flowers multiple times, are greatly reduced.

This means less water, fertilizer, and soil are required. Since they’re easy to store and transport, they create less packaging in landfills, and minimize energy consumption. For an eco-conscious individual, they are of no concern, and only of great merit.

They Are Incredibly Easy To Care For

Compared to preserved flowers, ordinary flowers feel like a chore. Watering, taking care of the stems, cutting, pruning, and many more routines are involved with fresh-cut flowers. Preserved flowers require next to nothing on the owner’s end. It’s more than enough to be mindful of their placement, and their bad reaction to high-humidity.

If preserved flowers are placed in a well-ventilated area, out of the way of direct sunlight and outdoor disturbance, they will require nothing more than an occasional light dusting. They do get more fragile as they age, so gentle touching is required, and that’s all there is to it.