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To bong or not to bong? The alternatives are smoking the herb in a cigarette, eating the extract in edibles or vaporizing them in a vaporizer. A bong is a cheap and effective way of getting a very pure hit of smoke, very quickly. They require little maintenance besides changing the water and gauzes, and occasionally giving them a wash. No charging required, just ground herbs, cold water and a good lung capacity. Freezable Bongs

Bongs can be used without tobacco, making them an excellent alternative to those who like to smoke their herbs but do not like the hideous consequences of smoking tobacco. They also give a full and flavoursome experience that is quite unlike a vaporizer or cigarette. The active ingredients in your herbs get into your bloodstream extremely quickly, giving an almost instant effect. This can be very desirable.

The rise of cheap and efficient vaporizers has side-lined bongs to some extent. Vaporizers are relatively safe when compared with bonging and can give a similar effect. However, the experience of a bong is hard to beat for many people and is the reason for their enduring popularity.